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    What Is Bluetooth Technology And Do I Want It In My Car

    The most popular technology in recent years would have to be Bluetooth. Bluetooth is a type of wireless communication allowing you to connect to Internet, phones, cars, and satellite without the vast array of cables holding you down. Most people unknowingly come in contact with some sort of Bluetooth technology every day. The wireless world is advancing, offering better communication abilities, navigational skills and integrated service.

    Bluetooth technology is all around you but to access its abilities you have to have the latest accessories. The latest accessory to the Bluetooth family is the car kit. The car kits enable wireless access to your phone and navigation system with your voice. With a car kit your phone doesn't even to come out of your pocket. The system can be accessed completely with your voice. If you need a phone number from your phone simply ask and your car system can find and call the requested number.

    The Bluetooth car kits came just in time, because many states are enacting legislature making handheld cell phone usage while driving illegal. You can set the numbers, or menus to show in your rearview mirror or allow them to be voice activated. Another feature of the new Bluetooth car kit is when you have an incoming call the technology works together, turning your car audio system down and alerting you to the call. The caller ID system can announce the caller or you can have it displayed on the rearview mirror. With all the distractions on the roads, having your hands completely free to drive is sure to help prevent more car accidents. Other accessories to the Bluetooth family are the integration of Bluetooth and the Mp3 players.

    There is no longer a need for the wire connection. Your music can be accessed, stored and played with Bluetooth. This new technology also enables the ability to share music between your phone, PDA, and computer. You can send pictures and files to other people's cell phones in an instant. There are unlimited options with the new technology available from Bluetooth. Business offices are benefiting from the lack of cables and wires, clearing precious cubicle space for employees and additional work.

    With wireless PDAs, coworkers are able to send meeting notes and information to each other before, during and after meetings with the touch of a button. Offices are becoming more flexible in work schedules realizing that with Bluetooth employees can access office computers from home. There are so many options available for using Bluetooth technology in the world today. As companies work to improve efficiency in and around the office, having wireless technology available gives them a significant advantage.

    With wireless connectivity in our homes, cars, and offices the ability to communicate with others can happen wherever you are.

    Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Beach, Florida. Find more about this as well as a car accessories at


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