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    Racing Motorcycles - Fast But Friendly

    By Max Manroe

    In the competitive world of racing motorcycles, most companies tend to bank on their racing teams to promote their street bikes. Heavy duty motorcycles with obscene amounts of power inside the chassis run across the tracks, and motorcycle racing fans find that they can own a little piece of the excitement by buying themselves civilian versions of the racers that their favorite bikers are running.

    More often than not, this marketing approach has led most motorcycle manufacturing companies to come up with barely street legal specs for their civilian bikes, and the results are machines that are grossly expensive, difficult to maintain, and wind up causing accidents in the hands of bikers who don't possess the necessary skill level to handle such high performance bikes.

    Honda has taken a different approach from it's competitors in this department, and has instead taken a people-friendly focus in their motorcycles. Their teams still continue to run - and win a lot - in motor sports events, but their civilian bikes aren't simply powered-down versions of their racers. They customize their civilian bike designs with the average person in mind.

    One of the things that shows this approach is the price of a Honda motorcycle. Their price ranges both for the bikes and parts are considerably more affordable for people who just might want to ride a fast bike for fun without the need to cleave along the highway like a bullet.

    Their parts are also much easier to find than most of their competitors, especially their european counterparts, and likewise are much cheaper while maintaining a high standard of quality. To add to the customer oriented approach, these same parts are also easier to install, replace, and yes, modify for those who want to push the specs of their crotch rockets a little higher. Honda service center personnel are highly trained under rigid standards to ensure they do their jobs on the bikes right.

    Lastly, Honda also offers comprehensive packages as an added bonus, like extended warranties, insurance, and prepaid maintenance plans for their customers to make sure that they get the best deal available for their money. For Honda, service doesn't end right after the sale is made.

    So, while Honda racing bikes perform on a par with their competition on the professional race tracks, their civilian bikes are made for the people who just want to ride for fun without the headaches involved with owning something just one step below formula specs.

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