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    Infomation on The Ford Mondeo

    In 2007 at the Geneva Auto show Ford Motor Co. unveiled the all new Mondeo. The company's chief aim with the Mondeo is to offer a more out of the box design, energetic and a total package kind of vehicle. This new car has brought Ford back onto the automotive scene, and they have done so in a big way with this car. The Ford Mondeo is well known for the attributes of strength it brings to the driving experience and safety. The new model is much more enhanced in terms of the car's performance on every attribute, and has a brand new design and improved quality.

    The Mondeo was released as a sedan, five-door hatchback, and a wagon. The Ford Motor Company's Global Shared Technologies initiative has both about an improvement in the Mondeo and although the car is similar in architecture to the Ford S-Max and the improved Ford galaxy, it is still a very unique model.The new Mondeo hold on to the old Mondeo's strength and is fitted with great features such as a limousine style luxury and Noise Vibration and Harshness reduction engineering, superior lighting inside the cabin and soft touch materials. The aim of the company was to develop a car that people had an emotional connection to and that would attract them to it. This attraction and connection was to begin with the cars aesthetics and then it's new technology. Ford's primary goal here was to excite and impress people whenever the car is seen so much so they would want to get one for themselves.

    Not only does the Ford Mondeo possess great styling and a rugged stance, it also has what is called driver-focused technology such as keyless entry and start, Human Machine Interface for the instrument panel, Adaptive Cruise control, Tyre Pressure Monitoring system and Interactive Vehicle Dynamics Control and Hill Launch Assist. These are just some of the impressive new technologies to be found in this dynamic car. Many auto critics and reviewers see the Ford Mondeo's list of desirable auto equipment features such as the Electronic Stability Programme, cap less refuelling, fuel inhibitor, seven air bags, trip computer, input sockets for external audio devices which are located in the glove compartment, eighteen inch wheels and 'follow-me-home' lights. These are why some critics are calling the Mondeo the total package.

    Some reviewers who drove the Mondeo were enthralled by its driving quality and thought that it was of high standard. This feature of the car is an integral one and the engineering that was done to make it so did not in any way compromise the cars safety. Ford's improved Intelligent Protection System is what drives the driver and occupant protection technology. This technology encompasses features such as a knee airbag on the driver's side, and curtain airbags. The new Ford Mondeo can be had with a1.

    8-liter diesel engine up to a five cylinder gas unit giving up to 200 horsepower. There is the option of having either a six-speed manual or an automatic transmission. Driving the Mondeo should be stable and flawless as the car has a low centre of gravity.

    Written on behalf of Total Fleet Car Leasing UK
    Ford Contract Hire - Ford Mondeo Leasing


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