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    Honda Developing BioFabric For Cars

    The Honda Motor Co., Ltd. has just recently informed the public and the rest of the automotive world that it has actually been able to successfully develop and create a bio-fabric.So what is a bio-fabric? A bio-fabric is actually a fabric that is plant-based. What makes it quite remarkable is the fact that it is very durable and it has a high resistance to sunlight.

    In fact, this material could even be used as a surface material in many automobile interiors.Because of this, Honda is planning on using this bio-fabric in its vehicles.This bio-fabric material actually is providing great benefits to car manufacturers, and to car owners as well. What it does is it offsets carbon dioxide emissions that are produced during incineration in the disposal stage along with the absorption of carbon dioxide.This usually occurs during the growth stage of the plants which are used in this material. On the other side of the whole deal, many automobile manufacturers have decided that materials that are based on plants should not be used for commercial purposes especially if this material would be used in automobile interiors.

    This is because there have been issues and concerns that this fabric has a limited durability and that it has aesthetic issues as well.Now, this bio-fabric that Honda has been able to successfully develop certainly has overcome all the issues previously presented. The outcome was a soft and smooth material which is very much appropriate for use on the surface of automobile interiors. Because of its high resistance to sunlight, its colors stay like new longer compared to the usual fabrics and materials used for car interiors.This bio-fabric from Honda could be used for seats, as well as for the interior surface of doors, roofs, and could be even used as floor mats.

    .To continue Honda's tradition of offering quality and advanced technology, auto parts companies like Auto Parts Deal offers top of the line Honda parts.As a manager of one of the largest auto store in Springfield,Massachussets, Sarah has extensive expertise on auto parts and automotives in general. This 42 year old is a certified car enthusiast.

    By: Sarah McBride


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