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    Curtains Up For The Toyota Avensis

    The Madrid Motor Show became the avenue for the Toyota Motor Corporation to unveil its new 2007 Toyota Avensis. And now, the company now thinks that indeed, this event has had a positive outcome. The new Avensis is actually built in Britain so everything that has led to the success of the unveiling of this new car is due to Toyota's pool of designers and engineers.The new 2007 Toyota Avensis now boasts of a new and fresh styling not only in its exterior but also in its interior.

    According to automobile experts and enthusiasts this new one has increased dynamic and premium quality appeal. An improved handling as well as a greater comfort during your ride are also features that this new one holds.These last two upgrades are because of the small and definite detail revisions that the company has done with the Avensis' steering system and suspension system.

    Aside from these, this vehicle now has two new engines which are the D-4D 180 with 175 horsepower and the D-4D 130. These new engines come from the company's latest batch and generation of D-4D common rail diesel units. These units are actually clean, efficient and have been created to be quite refined to provide optimum performance yet at the same time keep the environment clean and safe. The D-4D 180 is the same engine that gives power to the Avensis T180.The Toyota Avensis has actually been in production since 1998 and up until present, these cars are continuously still being produced.

    The end for this vehicle is yet to be seen. It actually replaced the Toyota Carina E in the company's line up of vehicles. This midsize vehicle has also been built in a couple of body styles that includes a saloon with four doors, an estate with four doors, and a hatchback with five.


    Listening to the market and responding to consumer demand is one of Toyota's secrets for bringing the market with exemplary cars. Similarly, Toyota Parts Online goes into every detail to ensure its Toyota parts like Toyota FX parts and Toyota Van parts are at its best when it reaches its customers worldwide.Mark Clarkson is a 35 year old marketing consultant for a leading auto parts store. This native of Denver is also an offroad enthusiast.

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    By: Mark Clarkson


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