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    Cleaning Your Car In Less Than Minutes

    With the world moving at the pace it is today, everyone is far too busy to clean their homes, let alone their cars. Many people practically live out of their cars and you can really tell by looking inside the average vehicle. The average car is a mess, full of clothing, fast food bags, and much more.

    You can rarely see the entire floor area of a car you inspect.Trunks are usually full of things that haven't been touched in months. While using your car like a storage shed is possible, it is not the best idea. You can clean your car in less than thirty minutes and feel better when driving around town without the mess.First, take two garbage bags out to your car.

    Fill one with trash and the other with things you need to put away. When that is done, take a car dash wipe and quickly wipe down all of the dash areas, your steering wheel, and door insides. Take a window wipe and quickly wipe down the insides of your windows.Drive your car to a power vacuum and use it to get all of the dirt and small papers out of your car.

    Using a home vacuum works, but it takes more time because it is not as powerful. Next, spend five dollars to treat your car to a car wash nearby. Grab a "tree" air freshener and you will feel like you are driving a new car!.

    .Las Vegas Used Car Prices
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    By: Shirley Simmons


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