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    Buying a Dream Car Financing and Tips

    Owning a dream car is not simple. It needs careful planning which includes right choice of car, financing plans, and other related matters. Here are some pointers that you may consider when buying a car and the possible financing strategies you can use. Points to Ponder in Buying a Car Before hurdling yourself to a nearest car dealer and drive your car, maybe you should take a step back and consider the following pointers for you not to regret later on your decision. ? Make sure that you have enough budget to purchase a car of your choice.

    Never exceed the amount that you can afford. Let us say you have a monthly salary pay of $50,000, you should not buy a car that is worth more than the half of your income, or else it will become a financial burden for you. ? Ask yourself what is the purpose of the car. Determine the kind of car that will fit its use.

    Take for instance you want a car that will fit to your family out-of-town purpose, then a family van fits you. If you are looking for some off-road getaway, decide whether you want a 4x4 sports pick-up or a sports utility vehicle (SUV). ? Car brand is also an important point to consider in buying a car. You can compare different brands that have similar class of cars (SUV, sedan) and check which brands can give you the longest mileage. ? Carefully consider the insurance cost of the car you will buy. Different cars bears also different insurance rate.

    ? After-sales services also vary on different cars (change oil, spare parts). ? Just like your appliances and furniture, cars do have warranty also. Look at the warranty coverage and compare it with other car companies.

    Financing Strategies One of the popular financing plans used in buying a car is paying the car's down payment in cash, and then paying the balance through installment with imposed interest rates. Others pay out the total cost of the car to avail those huge discounts (lucky for those who saved right amount of money). If you have already determined your financing plans, then you can shop around to hunt for a lender that will give you the best deal.

    There are different credit unions and even commercial banks that are willing to loan you the necessary amount of money needed to buy the car with an annual percentage rate of only 1.9 percent. However, check with these creditors if they are just offering such low interest rate for the first year only. Remember that existing interest rates can go either up or down depending on the changes in the business market.

    It will be an inconvenience for your part if you will be charged with high interest rates later on. It will be your advantage if you are a member of a credit union; it could save you from spending the whole day at your creditor's office due to the processing of your loan after you have signed the necessary papers for that request. In a credit union, it will just take an average of fifteen to twenty minutes for the approval of your application. Even larger loans can be handed to you in a matter of hours after signing the necessary papers. Be the smartest buyer and sort all the possible options so that you can get the best deal in financing your own car.

    Just do not forget the pointers.

    S. Stammberger is the editor of Car Search Pros. Search our huge database and find the car of your dreams.


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