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    Are you planning to take a road trip

    Ever since the tragedies such as what happened on September 11th, 2001, more and more people refuse to fly the not quite so friendly skies. Even after seven years, statistics show that more families prefer to drive to their vacation destination, than are inclined to get aboard an aircraft. Which is actually rather ironic, as it is has actually been proven by numerous studies; that more people are killed in automobile accidents than in aircraft crashes.

    No matter where you are headed, or how long it will take you to get there, always take proper safety precautions, and drive carefully. Whether you are just running to the store for a forgotten grocery item, or you are driving across the country to visit family or friends, the following behaviors and practices will help ensure that you arrive and return without accident or incident. Every day rules, for every driving excursion. Wear your seat belt.

    Maintain the speed limit. Never drive after consuming alcohol or drugs. Never drive while exhausted, severely injured, or seriously ill. Observe all traffic regulations.

    Be considerate of other drivers. Be aware of other drivers. Concentrate only on your driving.

    Drive appropriately for the weather and the road conditions. The above measures will go a long way to assure you of a safe trip, no matter the distance you need to travel. However, if you plan traveling for any significant length of time, there are other things you need to plan for and take into consideration. Your comfort is very important, if you are tense, or hungry, or tired, then your driving could be affected, making an accident more likely.

    The following list, should give you an idea of what type of things you might want to bring along on your road trip.

    Things you should know before you start driving safely


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