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    A Fast Paced Sports Car

    What's the Dodge Viper? Will it be like its namesake? Sure enough, capable of attaining an acceleration of 0 to 60 mph in just six seconds the Dodge Viper is a swift sports car as they come, in a fast moving world, moving in tune with it and a strict stay-away for the timid. Coming in two divergent examples, the roadster Coupe and the two-seater are available in a superfluity of external colorings competently described as Viper Black, Viper Red and Viper Violet - the daring shades to the lighter tints of GTS Blue, Light Blue, Very Orange, Snake Skin Green and the Venom Red. The superficial attractiveness itself speaks volumes about the car not to point out the well groomed race car feature. Loyal its identify the Dodge Viper boasts a snaky construction.

    The Viper touts fenders that sweep backwards and has deep side crenatures. The liberal cool-air intakes and louvres heighten the extraction of the hot air brought forth thus boosting engine functioning. The double-bubble rooftop, with abundant clearance, of the coupe contributes to the slick arresting beauty of the Dodge Viper linked with its dramatic back end styling. The Dodge Viper goes with a standard Five-Spoke Polished Forged Aluminum Wheels or an alternative of the H-Spoke kind - 18 inch in the front and 19 at the back end. Whatsoever the selection, in collaboration with the long wheelbase and a stiffer chassis, the Dodge Viper can be trusted to capture the attention it unquestionably merits. One thing that the Dodge Viper lacks is gloss but it has a natural sharpness to it.

    The cipher to sixty miles per hour speed is reached by the muscular 8.4 lt. V10 Engine with Variable Valve Timing (VVT) Cam in Cam that commands the phasing of the intake and exhaust valves, electronically governed according to the engine speed and load.

    The awe-inspiring 560 ft-lb of torque that is built up is managed very expeditiously by the Dodge Viper's 6 Speed Manual Transmission exercising in conjunction with the Twin Disc Clutch for scaled down clutch foot lever force. The Dodge Viper facilitates easy entrance and the interior is designed with optimum control of the vehicle in view. The space of the dashboard, in satin accented chrome, is maximized with perfectly laid out instrumentation, the bucket seats are trimmed with leather; both features complementing the race car like appearance of the Dodge Viper. The coupe comes with additional storage space, four cft. more than the Roadster.

    To add to the bare luxury provided, the Dodge Viper comes with an option of five interior colors and power adjustable pedals. The other conveniences are just too numerous to be enumerated here. To stop in its tracks, the Dodge Viper requires specialized apparatus which is provided in the form of Bremo 40/40 dual Opposing Piston Calipers in the front and 42/38 in the rear with 14' Rotors all the way round. These effectively bring the Dodge Viper dead in its tracks from 60 to 0 mph in less than 100 feet. The ABS provides stability and control in extreme braking conditions. The Dodge Viper, otherwise lacks in the standard safety features provided in modern cars - no side air bags and the cabin has an assortment of hard plastic panels.

    The Dodge Viper Keychains come in four varieties. Be it any of them, they all have a sporty look associated with them and hanging on the dashboard increases the style of the car.

    Kathy Austin is a writer for Wholesale keychains. Check out the intricate designs of these Dodge Viper Keychains , they are crafted in stainless steel, metal, chrome, and leather and comes with a lifetime guarantee.


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